About Us

On the Job Improv is a Green Bay, WI-based facilitator of corporate workshops using the power of improvisation to help improve your team. Skills such as communication, teamwork, creativity, leadership, public speaking, and much more can be enhanced with a foundation in improv.

We’ve designed three distinct courses based on some common business goals. That said, if you’re facing some specific issues, challenges or needs… talk to us.? We are glad to design a custom course just for your group or company to tackle issues head on, and laugh while we do it.
Our courses aren’t designed to make comedians out of anyone, nor do we make you “perform.” Our exercises are group-based, fun, and designed to promote working together, active listening, and thinking quickly.? In all of our courses (hey, in life too) we’ll remind you why failing is OK, indeed, something to be celebrated.

Our courses are designed for a 1 instructor to 12 participant ratio.? We’ll always chat with you ahead of time to learn about any special needs and to make certain we have an appropriate amount of instructors for your group size.? Some exercises can be done as a larger group, some work better in smaller breakout groups.

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