Course Tracks

Team Building
Being part of a great team makes for a fun workplace…but how do we get there?? Day to day challenges, putting out fires, and trying to do more with less all get in the way.? Truly, all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people!

To counter-act a “cubicle rebellion” we turn typical team building on its head.? We’ll learn how everyone is a child at heart by going back to some basics we all learned as kids.? Establishing why listening is just as important as doing, we’ll help you to exercise the creative side of your brain…and that of your colleagues.? Think your opinion doesn’t matter?? We’ll show you why it does, and how bringing a lot of ideas together can quickly solve problems.? You’ll learn why trust is so huge, and that when we know more about each other personally, we develop trust quickly and can apply that trust to most any challenge.

Experienced leader but missing that drive you once had?? ?New leader worried about being “at the head of the line”.? This one’s for you!? We’ll learn about empathy, and demonstrate to you how to be assertive without being aggressive.? You’ll discover how to “chunk” a project, and to get that all-important buy in from your team.? Though some exercises, we’ll show how a good sense of humor, even in the most stressful of situations, can get you through.

Finding commonality is essential in any sales situation. We’ll drive through some exercises to show you how to quickly find things in common, and then to use those to your advantage in rapport building.? We’ll show you how to truly believe in you, which in turn will lead you to believe even stronger in whatever “widget” you’re providing.? We’ll show you how your prospect might try to use deception to distract you, and how to use a simple improv exercise to cut through the noise.

Custom Courses
Got an idea, a challenge, a problem?? Let our instructors know.? Even if it’s the “day of” and something unplanned arises, hey, we’re improvisors and we’ll use our talents to the best of our abilities to help you work through whatever current issues you may be experiencing.