ComedyCity Traveling Show Rates


Our most popular traveling show utilizes four performers and runs for 60 minutes with no intermission.

4 Person/60 Minute Performance: $600

7 Person/90 Minute Performance (with intermission): $900

Friday & Saturday evenings add $100 to the above. 

Mileage over 50 miles round-trip from DePere, WI at current IRS mileage rates (2021 $0.56 per mile). Contracting will be completed upon booking, with payment prior to or the day of performance appreciated.  (MS/Visa/Discover/AMEX available).  Cancellations with less than 7 days prior to performance date will incur a cancellation charge of 25% of the contracted charge.

A stage or room suitable for a group performance is helpful, but we’re improvisors! We’ll adapt!  We travel with our own sound system which we utilize in larger rooms if a house system is not available.   A room where our performers can gather and warm-up pre-show is also helpful, but again, not required.

Show Options:

Voice/Music Enhancer:  We can add a voice performer to your show with energetic pre-show & in-show music; announcements, and sound effects.  $100 additional charge.

Other Entertainment Options:  We are also able to provide stand-up comics, piano karaoke, trivia or game show style hosts, and a wide variety of other entertainers, either stand alone or added to a regular traveling show. Please contact us for details.